Simone Read What? – January ’21

Simone Read What? – January ’21

Ah, 2021! A new year full of unknowns! One of those unknowns? How many books I’m going to be able to read this year.

Last year, I was ambitious and set my Goodreads Challenge goal to 60 books. Considering how many books I’d read in 2019, that seemed reasonable. But then the world caught on fire and everything changed, and I only managed to read a paltry (for me) 45 books. For 2021, I knew my life was going to be just as chaotic as it was in 2020, so I decided to be kind to myself and make my goal for the year 36 books.

Part of me hopes to exceed that, and if January is any marker for the rest of the year, it seems that I will. But I know something will inevitably come up over the next eleven months that will throw a wrench in my reading plans—it always does!

Here’s what I read in January!

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