Once Upon a One Night Stand – Story Seasons & Updated FAQ

If you’ve been keeping up with the new chapters of Once Upon a One Night Stand or Roses & Thorns on Radish, you’ve probably noticed how those stories are now split into a little something called “seasons.”

What are these seasons, you ask? Well, it’s a new organizational tool for stories. Think of them like seasons of a TV show, only for books! For longer stories, grouping chapters into seasons can help break things up so you’re not so overwhelmed by the sheer number of them. For series, writers can combine several books into one, so that readers don’t have to exit the first book to find the others in the series. So “season 1” would be the first book in the series, “season 2” would be the second book, etc.

I think it’s a fantastic way to help both writers and readers feel more comfortable with stories that might have hundreds (or even thousands) of chapters. I’m a big fan of it!

Now, I want to explain how I organized the seasons of Once Upon a One Night Stand. If you’ve been reading the story, you might have already noticed, but here’s a full breakdown of the seasons and an updated FAQ about the story!

What are the different seasons of Once Upon a One Night Stand?

Since the new chapters of OUAONS take place while the characters are in college, I figured the best way to split the story into seasons was to simply follow the typical student’s calendar: I split it up by semester, school years, and school breaks. Makes sense, right?

Here’s the breakdown of the story seasons.

SEASON 1Prologue to Chapter 51 – The original story, which takes place during the group’s senior year of high school

SEASON 2Chapter 52 to Chapter 91 – Summer break after they graduate from high school

SEASON 3Chapter 92 to Chapter 178 – Freshman year of college, fall semester

SEASON 4Chapter 179 to Chapter 221 – Winter holidays

SEASON 5Chapter 222 to Chapter 298 – Freshman year of college, spring semester

SEASON 6Chapter 299 to Chapter 351 – Summer break before sophomore year

SEASON 7Chapter 352 to Chapter 426 – Sophomore year of college (fall & spring semesters)

SEASON 8Chapter 427 to Chapter 473 – Summer break before junior year, the entirety of junior year, and the summer break before senior year, up until July 1. The last chapter of the season overlaps with Chapter 1 of Dryland.

SEASON 9Chapter 474 to (currently ongoing) – The Dryland timeline, July 1 and onwards, covering their senior year of college

Frequently Asked Questions

How many new chapters will there be?

This can still be considered an “infinite” story. There is no set amount of chapters I’m aiming for. The only goal is to chronicle all the things that happen (for all the characters) over the course of the series timeline. Now that we’re moving into the timeline established in Dryland (Book 3), we’ll be covering the events (and more) of that story from various POVs.

Will you go past the Dryland timeline in the new chapters of OUAONS?

That’s still to be determined. The new chapters of OUAONS may continue past the events of the last chapter of Dryland. Or Dryland could be continued, just like OUAONS was, with more character POVs. Or it could end up being a new book. I’m not sure yet, and that’s a discussion I’ll be having in the future with the team at Radish. But for now, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Getting through the timeline of Dryland will take us quite a while anyway!

Why haven’t the Avilla twins shown up much in the more recent chapters of OUAONS?

The new chapters of OUAONS show their senior year of high school and the summer before they go off to college, but I wanted to keep their college escapades separate… which is why they have a new spin-off story! Check out Double Trouble on Radish to read about the drama they get wrapped up in during their university days.

Right now, it’s just a 10 chapter sample, and I have to wait and see what the response to it is like before I get the green light from the team at Radish to continue it. But if there’s plenty of support, hopefully I’ll be able to keep working on it!

What’s the best order to read The Fairytale Series in?

I have a post about that here! That page will always have the most recent information about The Fairytale Series, so be sure to check back there often!

If you have any other questions, feel free to drop them in the comments! And if you haven’t already, I hope you’ll check out the new chapters of OUAONS!

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