I KonMari’d My Stories

I recently removed a four-book series (The Fairytale Series) from my Wattpad profile.

A week prior to that, I announced that I was going to take a break from the site and go on a bit of a hiatus.

A month before that, I started watching Marie Kondo‘s show on Netflix, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo.

Re-discovering the KonMari method, which I’d heard about years before, made me realize something: I was hanging on to things that no longer brought me joy. While some of those things were clothes and knick-knacks, some of them were my own stories.

I thought simply taking a break would be enough to maybe feel that joy again, but I quickly began to realize that it wouldn’t be enough. Those stories had to go. I needed them and (readers’ interaction with them) to stop taking up valuable real estate in my mind.

So I sat down and asked myself a simple question.

“Do these stories spark joy?”

In the past two years, that answer has been Not Even Slightly for the entire Fairytale Series. I won’t go into details as to why I feel no joy—mostly I just feel dread and resentment—when it comes to that series, but if you’ve been following my writing journey for a while… you probably know why.

So after receiving permission from the proper channels, I decided to unpublish the entire Fairytale Series from Wattpad. It might be temporary for certain stories. It might be permanent for others. I don’t quite know yet. But until the day comes when I either a) desperately miss the ad revenue that those stories brought in (harsh, but the truth), or b) manage to find the joy in them again, they’re going to stay off of my profile.

I do sincerely apologize to all who love those stories and were in the middle of reading/rereading them when I took everything down. Your support and love mean so much to me. However, this was a situation where I had to only consider myself and my happiness.

If you’d still like to read those stories in the meantime, the full series (Once Upon a One Night Stand, Arabian Nights, Dryland, and Roses & Thorns) can be found on the Radish Fiction app, which is free. Please be a pal and read them in that order.

Big thanks to those of you sticking with me as I figure all of this out, please know that I appreciate you very much. I’ll see y’all around.

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19 thoughts on “I KonMari’d My Stories

  1. the fact that you can be so honest with yourself to take the stories down, when there’s a lot of pressure from readers etc to keep them up, makes me so proud of you even though i don’t even know you! i love that you’re putting yourself first and that you’re taking care of yourself xx


  2. We may miss rthe fairytale series on wattpad, but nothing is more important than your happiness and satisfaction during any point of life. If people really do want to read the book, they’ll put in the extra effort to download Radish and read it. Meanwhile, you can keep calm and sing Hakuna Matata (i was just watching lion gaurd. You are never too old for it.)


  3. just to know that you are putting yourself first is super important and really great to know, I hope you truly find the joy you’re looking for but for the moment, I wish you an abundance of happiness and joy!! I’m happy for u


  4. I did this recently (the past week) as well, except I moved some books from self-published e-books/paperbacks to Wattpad. Sometimes books can weigh you down. It took me a long time to realize how unhappy they were making me. I’m glad you’ve had the strength to do what makes you happy. I wish you the very best! ❤


  5. put yourself first Simone (I actually also removed most of my stories from Wattpad and started to stop writing altogether) and while it’s not something I personally wanted, it feels I should. Continuing to support your works in Radish!


  6. I cannot tell you how much you inspire me. It’s encouraging to see how you put yourself about your fans. Continue the self-love!


  7. So glad you’re taking this step in your writing journey! The Konmari method is so refreshing and honestly helped me feel lighter. Also, have you ever thought of patronage (like patreon) for your writing, blog etc.?


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