Q&A – January ’19

Hi, friends! ✨

Whether through comments, PMs, emails, or the various other ways there are to contact me on This Here Internet, I get a lot of questions. Some of those questions are things that I’ve been asked many times before, and while I really don’t mind answering everyone individually, I figured there were people out there who would like to know some of these things but were too hesitant to ask.

So, that’s why I’m going to start this series of Q&A posts where I publicly answer questions that I think others would want the answer to as well. I’ll answer things here that have brief answers—as in, things that don’t require a whole post of their own.

I’ll probably post these every few months or so, or whenever I have enough questions to justify a whole post.

Hope you find it useful!

Aliza asks:  Will you be publishing physical copies of your work?

I’ve been asked this question quite a few times over the years, and I find it incredibly flattering that people would even want physical copies of my work. It means a lot!

That said, here’s where I currently stand on the topic: if it has been posted on Wattpad, I likely will not publish physical copies of it.

Producing physical copies would require either traditionally publishing or self-publishing those stories, and I have no plans to do either with the stories that have been available for free online for years now. Plus, publishing in any sort of capacity means I will not be able to keep those stories free, and for now I would like to keep them available to all.

Of course, things and plans can change at any time! But for right now, this is what I’m sticking with.

Now, if we’re talking about stuff that hasn’t seen the light of day online… maybe one day!


Starlynn asks: How do you feel about hardcopy books versus digital books? Which do you read more?

They’re both my children and I love them equally.

That said, these days I read a lot more ebooks/digital books than hardcopy/physical books, simply because of the convenience factor. It’s a lot easier to toss my iPad into my bag and have hundreds of books at my disposal instead of trying to pick a single hardcopy to take with me. Plus, my local library has a great selection of ebooks and I don’t have to leave my house to get them (I’m lazy, okay?)

But don’t get me wrong, I will always love hardcopies! My overflowing bookshelves will definitely attest to that!


DanaSilver asks: Will we get to see Khalid’s POV in Roses & Thorns?

Nope, we won’t! The only time we see his POV is in the prologue, and the rest will be told from Rose’s POV.


Another question I got this month was whether I am male or female (or any other gender/agender). I guess in some cases my name can be confusing, as Simone can be a unisex name, depending on the culture. But to answer, I am a cis female. Hope that clears up any confusion!


Any other questions you’d like me to answer? Feel free to reach out!

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